Making sure the kids feel comfortable and confident in their page boy suits is important and can help avoid tantrums on the day of the wedding. Unfortunately, kids often struggle when it comes to going clothes shopping – they get bored, their feet get sore from standing too long, and so on. Thankfully, there are some steps you can take to make this process a lot easier and more enjoyable for everyone involved! Here’s everything you need to know about choosing the right page boy suits.


Take measurements at home

Most wedding boutiques will use the children’s measurements to craft the outfits in order to get the right fit. If you feel that taking your young ones in to get measured may be an issue, you can do it in the comfort of the children’s home yourself and then give their measurements to the store. You’ll typically need to measure their height, waistline, chest and neck.

If you’re purchasing an outfit from a high-street store, however, it’s a good idea to take the child in to try it out, as outfits there are generally sold by age rather than measurements. High-street stores are a good way to get an outfit on a budget, and you can often find items on sale for affordable prices.


Do your research

This is the fun part – deciding what type of page boy suits you want! You may want to base this on the overall style and colours of the wedding and what other people are wearing. There are a range of magazines and blogs out there to help inspire you; check them out and catalogue your favourites.

Your options typically include single or double-breasted jackets, vests, dinner jackets, and three-piece and four-piece costumes. It’s a good idea to get the children involved, too. Let them have a say on what styles they like and don’t like to make sure they’re happy with their outfit on the day.



You don’t just have to stick to pants and a jacket – accessories are a fun way to add a bit of extra pizazz to your page boy suits. Ties are a popular option, with bow ties being an especially cute option for young ones. Hats like the newsy cap and fedora can add a quirky charm to an outfit and the overall wedding atmosphere. And of course, make sure you buy some quality shoes and socks! Thick cotton socks are a good option to help keep the children’s feet from blistering in their new shoes.


Decide who’s paying

Determining whether the bride or the parents will purchase the page boy suits can be a bit awkward. It’s important to raise the question as soon as possible to give each person time to start thinking about it. There are no set rules, so you’ll have to negotiate between yourselves – the bride or parents may be more than happy to pay, or the parents may pay for the outfit instead of purchasing the bride a gift, or the bride might buy the outfit and the parents buy the shoes. If the bride wants specific page boy suits, however (and doesn’t give the parents the option to choose), then it is generally considered proper etiquette for the bride to pay.



Choosing page boy suits can be a fun experience. Ensure that you give yourself plenty of time to prepare for it and get the kids involved in the process. Once you’ve chosen the outfits, make sure the children get a chance to wear into them so that they’re comfortable on the day.