Sydney residents are spoiled for choice when scouring the marketplace for catering ideas.

Local chefs and outlets have taken inspiration from all across the world, spanning Asia, Africa, Europe, North and South America and even closer to home in New Zealand and elsewhere in Australia.

In later years the option to call upon a reliable paella catering Sydney business has grown, seeing families hire the best chefs who arrive on location ready to whip up a storm in the kitchen.

These meals satisfy the cravings of any guest who arrives for the event.

But why the sudden popularity?

For a meal that was first developed in the Spanish city of Valencia, how has it made its way into kitchens across the city of Sydney?

Here we will seek to answer that question by pointing to the direct benefits that hosts can enjoy with this scrumptious meal.


Feeds The Masses Affordably

Paella catering in Sydney can literally service hundreds of guests for a price approximately ranging between $10-$15 per head. The more participants, the lower that per person figure will drop. This is cuisine that is not only delicious but incredibly affordable when weighed against common alternatives from Japan, China, India, Italy, France and elsewhere. Those hosts who are celebrating a milestone, holiday or simply want to reunite with friends, family and neighbours can meet the challenge by catering to literally hundreds of individuals all at once.


Healthy Cuisine

A host can throw the most outstanding dinner party for friends and family and go out with all of the necessary expenses, but there will always be the odd guest who voices concern about a specific dietary issue. Rather than allow that commentary to frustrate, paella catering in Sydney offers healthy cuisine that satisfies the taste buds whilst looking after the waistline. Mixing tomatoes and risotto rice with olive oil, seafood, chicken stock, greens and a host of seasoning and spices, this versatile and tantilizing dish offers a great deal of health benefits that are not processed or saturated.


Minimal Logistics

Clients who call upon paella catering in Sydney don’t require an industrial sized kitchen for the chefs to create the dishes. Outside of a heating element or power plug-in connection to place the wok and some room to maneuver on a table with a few chopping blocks, ingredients and knives, the remainder of the process is relatively straightforward. Some of these outlets will arrive on site with all of the preparation already carried out, so for the host this is just a matter of timing the order to perfection rather than being concerned about kitchen space.


Quick Order Turnaround Time

Clients won’t be bogged down with extended waiting times when they call upon the expertise of paella catering in Sydney. A large wok can accumulate a variety of ingredients and can be ready to plate within 10-15 minutes of cooking time. This will depend if it is covered or uncovered or left to warm with foil. Professional providers will already have all of their bases covered and they will operate according to the timeframe of the client to plate the food when guests are ready to eat.


Tastes Great!

We have covered a great deal when it comes to the practical benefits of ordering paella catering in Sydney and the rationale behind it, but we are burying the lead when it comes to the real value addition – the taste! With a first class service that prepares, cooks and serves the meals at the perfect temperature with restaurant quality seasoning and texture, this Spanish cuisine will not fail to impress the guests and satisfy those who desire a delicious meal.