There are few things worse than the feeling of not knowing what to do with your life. Many of us have the same feeling and go into the first career that takes our fancy not knowing that there are plenty of ways into career paths we’d prefer such as IT, Accounting and HR internships. If you can relate to any of the questions below than maybe it is time to change your life and do something new.

Are you looking to give your career a boost? Have you come out of university not having a clue what do? If you feel like this and have been rejected from every graduate programme under the sun, then maybe it’s time to consider picking one of the many IT, Accounting and HR internships out there and trying to get a position as part of one of them. There are several benefits from going down this route, and while it may not seem that exciting to work for practically nothing, you will learn a lot of news skills, or at least you should, which can then be brought into full time employment, hopefully within the same company, all things going well.

IT, accounting and HR internships are growing in popularity and many experts feel they are the way to go to further your career but what makes them different from a graduate entry scheme and why should you think more seriously about trying to find one that suits?


Free / low paid work

This is technically a benefit for companies that run IT, accounting and HR internships, but it can work in your favour too. Free labour is never expected to go over and beyond for their employer. However, if you prove to them that you can be trusted, have the necessary skills for the job and can be relied upon you will go far in any industry or company. Companies may say that they aren’t hiring at the present time or not looking to soon, but they are always on the lookout for emerging talent. Talent that can help them get to the next stage of their development. You might just be that person, so don’t go into your job thinking that because you aren’t being paid you shouldn’t put 100% effort into it each day. If anything, you should try even harder than your salaried colleagues to prove you deserve the same treatment as them.



Applying and taking part in one of the many IT, accounting and HR internships out there will give you the relevant experience you need to progress in this industry. You will start off with the basics but once it becomes clear that you have what it takes to take care of the more difficult tasks it won’t be long before you have more responsibility than you thought imaginable when you began the job. Internships will help you develop in a role and learn much quicker than you would in a salaried position whereby you have been hired to carry out a task. Your role will be ever changing and that will be a good thing.


Chance of a job

Internships offer a clear pathway to employment. A company may not say it when they hire you, but they will have you earmarked for a permanent position as soon you walk through the door. That is the beauty of taking part in one of the many IT, accounting and HR internships, there will be no limit to what you can achieve while everyday you will be given a platform from which to prove yourself. If you don’t, there will be no harm done but if you do, you will be in a permanent position before you know it.