For many couples out there, they will find themselves on a pretty tight budget when it comes to organising their special day. This can be rather disappointing for some as they don’t want to have to hold back on one of the most important days of their life. The good news is that people are able to find fantastic options when they stick together and find companies that offer affordable prices.

For instance, they may be able to find an up and coming florist who is looking to gain exposure. The couple could then offer to post plenty of pictures of the flowers on their Instagram accounts in exchange for a discount. These types of approaches can be taken for almost all services including Sydney wedding photography.

The great thing is that people don’t have to miss out on amazing pictures. They are simply able to put in a little more research than the average person so that they are able to find an option that truly fits with their budget. As this is ever so important, this article will explore where to start when looking for discounted Sydney wedding photography.


It can be a wise move to keep a look out for competitions when searching for discounted Sydney wedding photography

In this day and age, almost all companies out there have a social media presence. This is because it is such a great way to grow and to attract regular clients. Because of this, there are many businesses out there who run monthly competitions on their Facebook or Instagram pages.

Other companies may require that people sign up for the newsletter list in order to go into the draw. Even if a business doesn’t offer competitions that will allow people to go in the running for free Sydney wedding photography, they may offer discounted prices once a month. These prices may not include everything that a full-priced package would but it is still enough for those on a tight budget to be able to afford the services.

People don’t have to feel guilty about this approach either because great business owners out there will understand how important word of mouth is and so will be more than happy to offer a discounted rate every now and again. Furthermore, some professionals out there will be keen to add images to their portfolio and so it is a win-win situation for everybody involved.


People can keep an eye out on sales websites such as Groupon when searching for discount Sydney wedding photography

For couples who are on a tight budget, it can also be a wise move to sign up for plenty of sales websites such as Groupon. This means that they can receive notifications of latest offers which may include offers for Sydney wedding photography. Even if the offer is for regular photography, people can still contact the business that is offering the discount to see if they would be happy to do a wedding shoot.

One of the best parts about doing this is that people may be able to find other great services too such as bridal makeup, limousine hire, or even venue hire. It is important that couples remember that there are plenty of businesses out there who are super keen to attract wonderful clients and so are more than happy to offer a great rate especially when they are just starting out. As this is the case, couples should never feel guilty and should even think of it that they are doing the business at hand a favour.