The best pizza Newtown has to offer is more delicious and can be easily found in the best Italian restaurants around Sydney. From bruschetta to risotto, we Aussies are fortunate to have access to a huge range of delicious options.

With 20 different regions in Italy – plus provinces, the culinary map of the nation is a complex one. You’ll find the best pizza in its hometown of Naples, whereas if you’re looking for tiramisu you should head to Veneto. Of course, if you’re stuck in Sydney, you’ll have to compromise a little.


Here are 3 signs that an Italian restaurant in Newtown is a good one, based on its menu:


Some cuisines feature incredibly intricate and complex dishes – take France, for instance, where you just about have to go to culinary school in order to figure out how to make a sauce. In Italy, however, dishes are remarkably simple and can be made by anyone. Meals typically only use five (or fewer) ingredients, which is impressive given the richness of flavour! The simplicity of a dish brings out each element’s natural flavour without being too complex or overwhelming. So if the Italian restaurant in Newtown has a menu with few ingredients, it’s probably a good sign!



Of course, given the fact that you are only eating a few ingredients, it’s crucial that those ingredients are fresh! The highest quality ingredients should be used, meaning your chefs at an Italian in Newtown should source fresh stock daily. Avoid places which use frozen, packaged or three-day-old ingredients – you’ll taste the difference. Also check that their pasta and bread is crafted on-site daily; it tastes so much better.


Local produce

In order to get the freshest ingredients, you have to buy local. That means the ingredients should be sourced from local markets in which produce has been picked in Sydney. As a bonus, you’re supporting small local businesses and farmers, which is great for the economy!


And here are four things to possibly avoid:

Spaghetti and meatballs

While this might shock you, spaghetti and meatballs is not a dish you will find readily in Italy – it’s an American invention. True meatballs in Italy go by the name “polpette” and are generally eaten on their own (without pasta!). You’ll likely be able to find spaghetti and meatballs in an Italian restaurant in Newtown, but they won’t be authentic.


Peperoni pizza

Traditional pizzas tend to have much sparser toppings than the modern type, and a peperoni pizza isn’t what you think it is. Take away the ‘p’ from “pepperoni” and you’ve got yourself a pizza loaded with peppers, not spicy sausage.



While “latte” is a word, it doesn’t mean what you think it means – “espresso with milk”. It just means “milk”. So unless you want a cup of plain milk, it’s a good idea to ask for a “caffè con latte” at an authentic Italian restaurant in Newtown.



Alfredo sauce on pasta is from Italy, but it’s not a dish that many of its citizens would boast about. It’s a dish traditionally reserved for people who are feeling ill – the equivalent of toast and banana when you’ve got an upset stomach. It’s essentially just pasta with butter and parmesan cheese. It became popular in the West when it was featured in a Hollywood film in the 1920s – all the Americans wanted to try it! While it tastes nice enough, if you’re after a truly authentic and delicious meal at an Italian restaurant in Newtown, try osso buco alla Milanese.