Search engine optimisation or SEO is a tricky art to master at the best of times. The best results require knowledge, skill and patience in order to be realised.

This is why an entire industry for providing SEO campaigns has sprung up. A digital marketing agency specialising in SEO is able to help clients tailor their online presence to improve their visibility in search engines.

Let’s take a look at some of the best reasons to outsource you SEO efforts to a digital marketing agency.

It takes time

As a discipline in digital marketing, SEO requires not only time to show results but time to implement through various methods. Everything from writing content to optimising websites requires a significant time investment.

For those inexperienced with optimisation strategy, implementation takes even longer. An effective in-house SEO campaign would require the hiring of new staff or the training and reorganisation of existing staff.

Most businesses simply don’t have the free resources to dedicate the required effort for effective SEO. This is why a digital marketing agency with SEO experts is such a popular choice for small businesses that don’t have the time to implement these complex strategies.

It costs money

While the actual cost of an SEO strategy (like using keywords in meta descriptions) is free to do, the time it takes to do that on a commercial level means that someone needs to be hired to do it. Trying to do it all yourself can incur a variety of other costs because you weren’t focusing on other parts of your business.

A digital marketing agency can offer affordable packages that allow a business of any size to achieve their SEO outcomes without lifting a finger themselves. This is great for those businesses that have spent significant amount of money on marketing in the past and found themselves not getting the results they wanted.

It requires expertise

While the basic concepts behind search engine optimisation don’t require deep levels of understanding, the ways in which SEO strategy is implemented are far more involved. The research and implementation of keywords throughout a business’s online presence is just one part of SEO that is handled by professionals at a digital marketing agency.

A digital marketing agency’s SEO experts have spent a great deal of time working on campaigns for various clients and keeping themselves updated on the algorithm changes of search engines. This means that they are constantly learning and expanding their skillset to meet the SEO challenges of tomorrow.

It requires high quality content

You might think you’re a good writer, but can you spend the hours needed each day to write high quality content for your business website? It’s not enough to simply write good content, it needs to be built to rank on search engines and be highly engaging to users.

A digital marketing agency will have access to teams of talented copywriters who are experts at writing quality content on a commercial level. This means they can generate large volumes of content that is built with SEO in mind.

Whether it be a landing page, blog post or a full-fledged article, a digital marketing agency’s SEO content writers know how to make sure that what they write is usable on behalf of their clients. This is why so many businesses’ that have never had to write copy before choose to rely on a digital marketing agency and its copywriters.

DIY link-building is too risky

Link building has gotten a lot of negative press over the years. Like any SEO practise that gets a bad reputation, it did so because people began to misuse it.

Despite claims to the contrary, backlinks are still integral to SEO and this is understood by a professional digital marketing agency. However, the effective use of backlinks means creating a link profile based on high authority domains.

More than ever, the process of managing a network of high authority backlinks requires the work of an expert practitioner from a digital marketing agency. This will help prevent your site being featured on a low authority or spammy site and risk an algorithmic penalty.