Instagram might have been on the scene for a few years in the social media realm, but only now is it being seen as a tremendous marketing tool. A younger generation is gravitating to a platform that offers them a structured and simplified operating model where creative content can be shared with ease.


Whilst sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ still hold currency, Instagram is giving online marketing professionals a different vantage point. Showcasing images helps to elevate a brand, but there are some key techniques that can take your business to the next level.

Instagram Business Account


Before you do anything marketing related for your enterprise, it is strongly advised that you utilise an Instagram Business profile. This outlet offers benefits that a standard account cannot access such as analytical tools to judge metrics as well as advertisement options. Contact points are more preferable and companies that haven’t recognised this option are being left behind.

Consider Your Hashtags


Hashtags are linked pieces of text that deliver their own threads of communication. This is a great means for organisations to tie in their own branding to a collage of images where a timeline can be formed and consumers can get in on the activity. What should be considered in this respect is a series of hashtags that can attract more eyeballs on one hand and having those people more interactive with sharing and commenting as a result. Feel free to utilise a number of alternative hashtags below the line and explore what hashtags entice more activity.

Be Selective and Specific


Bombarding your followers with posts every few minutes or even every hour is overkill. What should always be kept in the front of mind for the social media manager is to have purpose with each and every image. Is it part of a long-term strategy? Are you trying to attract viewers from a certain geographic location? Is there a special offer being promoted or a limited stock announcement that has to be made? Think about the rationale behind each post and what purpose it serves.

Plug Across Other Social Media Profiles


If you are a brand of decent standing, chances are you have a social media presence beyond Instagram. Use the tools at your disposal to share across Facebook, Twitter and Google to illustrate that your marketing campaigns are synchronised. This helps for search engine optimisation (SEO) purposes and to engage online communities that might otherwise not know you are on Instagram.