It’s said that the average person spends on average 90,000 hours of their life at work. If you feel that when you are in the office, your productivity could and should be higher then you need a busylight. It will be the answer to all your prayers and change your life for the better.

If you are in a management position, without the luxury of sitting in a spacious, private office, or a private office at all, you will know, the struggle is real. Getting some peace to yourself is nearly impossible without colleague after colleague coming up to your desk asking for help, advice or instruction; You will sit down in your open plan office, being distracted constantly, so much so that you leave work having spent eight hours in the confines of the building walls and you can’t remember what you’ve got done.

What you need is something to tell others, in as polite a way as possible, to leave you alone, that you are busy and can’t be disturbed, you need a busylight. It works in a simple manner, as soon as you are on the phone, a red-light flashes to show that you are preoccupied with other things. As well as that you can manually set it to do the same. Your days of spending a fruitless morning and afternoon at your desk are over. There are several advantages to this little gismo.


Connecting to your laptop via bluetooth, the small machine sits upon your desk or on top of your monitor as a traffic light, telling your colleagues you are free to chat or asking them to move along.

The busylight will boost productivity, of that there is no question. However, it may also make you more relaxed as you know you won’t be interrupted while on a call or in the middle of an important document. While being constantly interrupted on the phone can annoy you, it will also annoy the person on the other end of the line. As you ask them to hold for the third time, the chances are their patience is running thin. With a busylight at your desk, there is little chance of this happening. You’ll be focused completely on the subject at hand and can put your mind into working on whatever it is that is being discussed.



A busylight will make your company money too, one small interaction at a time. Although it may not seem like a big deal when you help your colleague out for 30 seconds, the interrupted workflow and time lost is irreparable.

A busylight can improve morale in the office too. The benefits of providing this new age technology to each member of the workforce can be seen company wide in some instances. As individuals are less likely to be interrupted and therefore more likely to complete tasks, confidence will grow. Confident workers are more likely to be focused workers, knowing they can complete tasks on time without fear of interruption. The individual’s stress level will decrease while workplace enjoyment and morale go the opposite direction.


The busylight has become a necessity for some mainly due to the development and progression of open plan work spaces. These work spaces are meant to aid collaboration and activity-based working, which they do, however they also have their downsides, which means that some productivity is lost as colleagues feel the need to talk to each other about decisions and advice they need. Although not the tool to solve all these problems, providing a busylight to your employees or colleagues may go a small way to correcting some wrongs in the new work space environment.