When one person gets sick in the workplace it is common for dozens more to follow suit. Due to everyone working in close proximity to each other you may find that when the weather changes waves of people are calling in sick because well they are.

Corporate flu jabs are a great initiative that aims to put a lost to all those lost days of work. Companies of all shapes and sizes can take advantage of these providers and get their productivity back on track for the next sick season. Protecting your company against the flue, you can maintain your efficient workplace and give something back to your workers as no one likes the feeling of being sick.

Below we are going to explore the benefits of corporate flu jabs.


Promote a healthy workforce

One of the great things about organizing corporate flu jabs is that you are contributing to making your workforce a healthier place. When once person catches a bug many more are sure to follow, due to the workplace setting that Australia has. These influenza prevention programs aim to stop the spreading of germs and bugs to help your employees stay healthy.

A healthy workforce has many other benefits to it as well. For example if your company is in the B2B service industry and needs to communicate with your clients on a regular basis, they don’t want to talk to someone new each day because everyone is getting sick. If they speak to the same account manager every day they will be able to develop some healthy working relationships with your company to help bring more revenue into the future.


Limit disruption and improve productivity

woman stressed with work talking to an male office mate

Nothing is more disruptive for an individual than being away from the office for several days. Once you get back other people have to take time out of their day to fill you in which ultimately affects the productivity of the entire organisation. All of this can be avoided if people simply don’t get sick or recover faster which corporate flu jabs aims to do.

When someone gets sick their workload is usually delegated to other employees as well as to account for a missing member. This puts more pressure and stress on those who aren’t sick and will ultimately limit their productivity. Feeling run downed and stressed is also another contributing factor to get sick. So once one person takes time off it causes a domino effect across the company.


Give something back to the employees

Nothing tells an employee that they are valued and appreciated more than money and free things. Corporate flu jabs are a great initiative to tell your workforce that they are valued as well as improving the levels of productivity.

No one likes getting sick so most people don’t see corporate flu jabs as a con to get them to work harder but rather that your company is interested and conscious about health and wellbeing. These program in collaboration with other incentive can really boost company moral while also being an investment that will work towards your bottom line.


Reduce absentees

When people get sick they tend to go to medical appointments which can take up even more of their work days. When your company gets corporate flu jabs it ultimately reduces the amount of sick days your employee base will have. Even when people get the feeling that they are coming down with something they take a day or half day to go to a medical appointment. Corporate flu jabs aim to cut down on those sick days so your company can continue running at full capacity.