If you’re a homeowner, then you no doubt take a lot of pride in the aesthetic appearance of your home. Everything from gardens, patios, pathways and even your lawn are all crucial elements in your home’s façade.


However; your natural lawn can prove a headache to manage as you constantly need to check it for weeds, unhealthy spots and to make sure it’s mowed. While having a natural lawn is great, sometimes the cons outweigh the pros and it’s much better to go with installing high quality fake grass in Sydney.


Installing fake grass Sydney is a really great investment for a lot of great reasons, some less obvious than you might think! Let’s take a look the 3 greatest benefits of installing artificial turf on your property.


All the beauty, none of the maintenance

The best and most obvious benefit of installing fake grass in Sydney is that you won’t need to worry about watering, trimming, weeding or mowing the lawn. This is excellent for older people who don’t have the same energy to dedicate to the upkeep of their lawn as they did when they were younger.


They are also great if you’re simply not fussed with maintaining a natural lawn to begin with. Not everyone really cares about having a ‘pure’ or ‘authentic’ lawn and if you’re one of those people then you’d definitely be happier with installing fake grass in Sydney.


This lack of a need for maintenance means that you’ll also save money on running and maintenance costs of a lawnmower and other landscaping equipment. If you were someone who would normally hire someone to mow the lawn for you, then fake grass in Sydney allows you to save money since you won’t need their services any longer.


The maintenance of a natural lawn and all of the negatives that come with it disappear when you install artificial turf on your property. This is super convenient for homeowners who are sick and tired of having to pull out the lawnmower every other weekend (more often if it’s raining) and having to perform a long, sweaty job.


In this way, installing fake grass in Sydney is also beneficial to your health as you won’t need to spend any time outdoors performing lawn maintenance and being exposed to harmful UV sunlight.


More environmentally friendly

While you might be wondering how artificial turf could be more environmentally friendly than the real thing; think about it for a second. Installing fake grass in Sydney means that you won’t need to use up valuable resources like water, petrol and electricity to maintain it.


Watering your lawn obviously requires water while a lawnmower will require petrol or a charged battery. Using you lawnmower means contributing to the demand for unrenewable fossil fuels that produce carbon emissions when burned for energy.


Water is a precious resource that varies in its availability and can be particularly scarce during times of extreme drought. During these periods there are often water restrictions in place that restrict your ability to water your lawn adequately to keep it maintained.


Without adequate watering or rain a natural lawn will deteriorate rather quickly and begin to show brown and yellow splotches of discolouration. Obviously, this looks horrible and is embarrassing to have on your property.


Installing artificial grass in Sydney means that no matter what time of year it is, no matter what kind of weather you are experiencing, your lawn will look as beautiful as the day is was laid.


Add to the resale value of your property

Both of the above benefits mean installing artificial grass in Sydney is a great way to attract homebuyers if you ever decide to resell. New homebuyers, especially younger families, are attracted to the environmental sustainability and convenience of an artificial lawn.