Social media and search engine optimisation (SEO) can be viewed through two different prisms, but there is enough in common to see them as one entity. Every means of optimisation can come inclusive of social media and vice versa.


Yet online marketers can fall into the trap of seeing them as practices that are unique to one and other without understanding the principles that underline both.


When you login to your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube profiles, there are strategies you can utilise that optimise your reach and enhance your standing with Google. Let us explore them right here.

Stirring Conversation


Brands must offer more than just products and services. They should serve as an authoritative voice for a niche that strives to be a leading operator in a field dense with competition. Social media offers a framework where conversations can be had in a public sphere, driving ratings and reviews but also a means of informing search engines about a brand’s capacity to connect with its user base. Algorithm changes have seen regularity of activity become a stronger facet that signals popularity and social media profiles are drivers of those shifts in metrics.

Posting Local


Local SEO is a practice all unto itself and the need to pinpoint postcodes and geographic locations with content and branding is paramount. Social media has been at the forefront of this development as the popularity with smartphones has altered societal habits. Now posts can be tagged in a city or regional centre and that informs search engines and users alike about an enterprise’s relevance to a domestic or overseas area.

Video Optimisation


Video is the most powerful outlet at the disposal of an online marketer. More than an article, a PDF file or piece of audio, video manages to attract the eye and keep attention of the user more than any other alternative. In that spirit, the operating capacity of social media sites to showcase, publish and allow videos to be shared online is a facet that should not be overlooked.

Noting Analytic Results


Whether it be Facebook, Twitter or Google, you have tools at your disposal that removes the essential excuses. You cannot be ignorant of why you are failing when you can read statistics in real time from impression and click numbers to shares and user demographics. These are marketing tools that would otherwise be expensive software packages to buy. These are free and readily available for all businesses.