Facebook, as well as social media in general, has been a fickle area for any digital marketing expert. Ever since the widespread adoption of Facebook around the world businesses have tried to find the secret to using this huge social hub as a means of marketing their products and services.

A digital marketing expert is able to help businesses craft their online presence to gain a higher visibility and as a results a higher level of returns. Social media, especially Facebook, is an integral part of the overall strategy of a digital marketing expert.

Let’s take a look at some of the best benefits of marketing your business on Facebook.

Highly targeted audiences

Because Facebook collects a huge range of information on its users it is a perfect platform from which to specifically target key traits in the target audience. Facebook has a Customer Audience Tool that allows marketers to target specific people with ads while they use the social platform.

Factors like age, location and interests can all be specifically target so that your ad campaign is reaching the most receptive audience it can. If Facebook has recorded the data then there is no doubt a digital marketing expert can tailor a campaign for it.

High visibility and low cost

Advertising on Facebook is comparatively cheaper than advertising on other platforms like Google. Facebook is one of the world’s most populated online platforms with people constantly using it throughout the day.

Depending on your budget you will be able to run an expansive campaign with Facebook ads that will generate a high level of engagement from fans. A digital marketing expert will know how to help you create content that is suitable to be uploaded as an ad and on your page as social engagement.

Live video

Facebook has introduced live video features which give businesses a new opportunity to engage with their audiences. It allows a business to promote their products, answer questions and provide sneak previews or behind the scenes extras.

Live video is a great way to engage audiences because they feel as though they can be part of something that is happening in real time. This makes live video a powerful tool for a business to connect with their audience.

Customer feedback

Social media not only allows people to quickly communicate with each other but quickly communicate with a business. A digital marketing expert can help manage your Facebook profile so that it is highly approachable by curious people.

You can post a question with a poll to invite customer reactions that can inform your other business decisions. You could also post an image of a product concept and get immediate feedback from your target audience.

Another benefit of this audience feedback is when people like, share and comment on your business’ posts. This is like word of mouth advertising where the people market your business for you through their social engagement.

Positive comments and high ratings on one of you businesses’ posts will help people see your business as a reputable one. They will be more trusting of your brand if they see their friends interacting with your content.

Social signals

A digital marketing expert will be able to help you use social media engagement to drive the visibility of your website in search engines. These ‘social signals’ tell search engines that your business has a popular presence on social media and is more likely to be relevant to its users.

While the value of social signals has changed over time, they are still an important part of SEO and a key benefit to having a Facebook presence. A digital marketing expert knows the value of using multiple different online channels to promote the visibility of their clients.