As all foreman out there will know, one of the most important tasks that they have is to keep their employees safe. This is especially the case when it comes to using scaffolding. Managers need to ensure that their workers are safe when operating from a height and that they have sufficient barriers to stop them from falling.

While most businesses will ensure that their employees are protected from falling, they may not realize that there are other hazards that can arise when people are using scaffolding. For instance, conditions can become more hazardous depending on the weather conditions. Because of this, many will shut down a job site when it is raining but they may not know that problems can arise in extreme heat conditions too. As heat tends to rise, workers are at even more risk when they are working from a height.

The good news is that will some planning and preparing, people are able to easily prevent any issues from arising when their employees are working in the heat. One great way to do this is to supply sunscreen, sunglasses, and hats that can be secured in place. As this is so important, this article will look at how to take care of your employees in the heat while using scaffolding.


Make sure that workers have access to water as well as bathroom faculties

While this may seem overly simple, there are many out there that forget this basic step. When people are working in the heat, they will need to be hydrated. When people are working from a height, they will need to have access to water wherever they are located on a building.

In addition to this, it is important that every site has a toilet that is easily accessible. The reason for this is because the more than someone drinks water on a hot day, the more likely it is that they will need to use a toilet. It can also be wise to educate staff on the colour of their urine because if it becomes too dark, this can mean that they are becoming dehydrated.

When someone becomes dehydrated, they are more likely to make silly mistakes and may even become susceptible to fainting. This, of course, is not an option when it comes to using scaffolding. As this is the case, some basic education can go a long way.


It can be a wise move to avoid caffeine when using scaffolding in the heat

In addition to drinking plenty of water it can also be a wise move to avoid caffeine when using scaffolding in the heat. What people may not know is that coffee is actually a diuretic which means that it will drastically dehydrate the body. This means it can be a wise move to supply workers with drinks such as Gatorade rather than coffee or Red Bull.

It can also be a good idea to supply hydrating foods such as oranges and apples. Fruit is perfect for keeping people hydrated and also is filled with natural sugar which will give people a small boost throughout the tuff, hot days. Most importantly, it can help reduce the risk of people becoming lightheaded when they are operating from a height.

In conclusion, a foreman or manager has the ever so important job of keeping their employees safe and happy. This is even more important on scorching hot days. With some small tactics implemented, business owners can have peace of mind knowing that everyone is taken care of.