Home builders in WA that are experienced understand that clients will be desperate to seek cost-cutting measures and bargains wherever they can source them.

With properties and house prices requiring hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars for a single project, household budgets can be stretched.

Yet the hiring of a professional building team requires their time and expertise to see the job through, creating a scenario that can lead to negotiations of terms back and forth.

If you happen to find yourself in that type of a scenario in Western Australia, it is worthwhile taking on board some sound advice.


Leverage Different Building Quotes

Should a quote or a listed price be considered extravagant and outside of industry standards, seek out numerous quotes from home builders in WA. Once you have collected five, six or seven unique and obligation free quotes from various providers in the state, you can craft an idea about what the median price should be for a project. Simply relying on the information given by one outlet is not sufficient and if that is known by the builder, they have the potential to take advantage of the situation.


Source Pricing in Writing

Written contracts that are legally binding happen to be the best way of holding home builders in WA to account as you negotiate with them. Agreements following a contract can be made between both parties as amendments take into account the acquisition of resources, the rise or fall in labour costs, severe weather events or another factor that changes the trajectory of the project. Should you obtain a written contract that lists what is required financially and logistically from the client, then you have the power to dictate what is necessary.


Set Financial Parameters Early

One of the best ploys you can embrace when negotiating with home builders in WA is to set the financial parameters early. You have to outline to the project manager what budget you have to work with, where wiggle room can be made on acquiring supplies, and where the builders cannot venture beyond with time frames and costs. As a homeowner overseeing the development, you will need to have added room for potential levies that are lodged on top of the initial price, but set the parameters early on what you can afford.


Open a Dialogue and Set Meetings

The best tactic that you should utilize when dealing with home builders in WA is to have a continued face-to-face dialogue. Communication is the greatest tool that you can engage with in this setting because builders who operate in isolation and leave their correspondence to phone calls, text messages and emails are empowered to set their own terms. Sheer presence alone can allow you to influence talks with greater authority.

dialogue between client and homebuilders, handshaking


Act in Good Faith

Being realistic with the offers you make and the manner in which you engage home builders in WA will illustrate if you are indeed acting in good faith. Negotiations are never about a continual game of one-upmanship where bartering and haggling over prices and time frames is a regurgitated practice. Be transparent and open to suggestions and offer leeway for their part to make the role that little bit easier. They will therefore be more open to making concessions of their own once they are asked.



At all stage of the negotiation process with home builders in WA, it is important to remind yourself that this is simply a phase of business. Second guessing the motives or tactics of certain operators won’t be positive in progressing the relationship, so keep a calm manner as you try and find common ground. Contracts and terms on paper are always your greatest asset, so consult with a third party specialist or family lawyer if you believe that the talks have hit a roadblock.