2018 might not be the greatest year for Facebook from a PR standpoint, but the power of this social media platform shows no signs of deteriorating. It continues to stand as the number one app of choice domestically and around the world as users continue to feed an addiction to the site.


There is a commercial element at play here where the social interaction overlaps with a brands capacity to connect. From all the tactics and techniques that are obvious and subtle, which ones will work for your enterprise? Here we will explore the ways and means in which online marketers can optimise their Facebook endeavours.


Boost Important Posts Only


Facebook have their own pay-per click (PPC) model whereby posts can be boosted by funds according to the scope of the marketer. Starting from a minimum of $1.00 per day, this helps to artificially place the post on the feeds of groups you are targeting. Yet some operations will throw good money after bad and spread those finances across their content. Only stick to those core plugs that are broadcasting a key product or service.


Audience Definition


Want to curate a campaign that is suitable for male gym junkies between the ages of 21 and 30 who are based in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs? That is entirely possible with the advent of ad targeting as Facebook allows each and every boosted post the opportunity to curate the commercial they want exactly for the type of people they want.


Fun Images and Videos


Social media is supposed to be an interactive, insightful and enjoyable environment after all, right? Despite the financial investments and demographic targeting that can make the exercise cynical, at its very core there is a degree of fun to be had with this whole enterprise. So why not get creative and play around with content that draws eyeballs? From funny pet pictures to pranks between employees, release the tight shackles and take some educated risks.



It is not just a matter of what you post but when you decide to post it. Run analytics on your consumer base and examine when your followers are engaged in the platform. Break this down into morning, afternoon and evening across a 7-day week and ensure that you are top of the feed and the agenda for your users. A majority of commerce experts see the 12pm-3pm window between Wednesday to Friday as the ideal window, but that will depend on the behaviour of your own community.