When it comes to hosting an event, especially one that is as special as an engagement party, there are many things that couples have to consider. They have to find the perfect venue, they have to create the perfect guest list, and of course, they need to supply music that will get everyone up and dancing. They also need to create engagement party invitations that are unique to their personality and that they can be happy to look back on in the future.

Many people will like to hang on to things such as this so that they are able to show their future kids. Furthermore, guests will be keeping these in their homes and looking at them every day until the event. As this is the case, it is important that couples create something that is visually pleasing and that also includes all of the important details.


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A great way to ensure that they are of good quality is by working with a company that will print them professionally. Even if people do decide to design their own, they can still send their designs to the company at hand to have them printed. As this is such an important task for many people out there, this post will explore how to design fun engagement party invitations.


Great engagement party invitations that look like old polaroids

In current times, creating a sense of nostalgia and throwbacks are all the rage. People love sharing grainy photos and film cameras are more popular than ever. As this is the case, it can be a great idea for a couple to create engagement party invitations that resemble old polaroid shots.

The couple could snap a picture of themselves and can then edit that picture in a way so that it looks like a film shot. They can put a filter over the top, they can make it grainy, and they can them pop a polaroid border around the image. For anyone who is unsure of how to do this, they are able to hire a professional to complete this for them.

Having said this, there are many apps out there that people can easily use to achieve this. People can then include a magnet on the back as well as the details of the event. This is a light and fun design that guests can easily put on their fridge.

As paying a nod to the past is so in fashion right now, creating engagement party invitations that look like old polaroids can be a whole lot of fun.


Create engagement party invitations that feature favourite colours

Another great way to make engagement party invitations super fun and personalized is by including a couple’s favourite colour. If people really want to step up their game, they can even use their colours in their decorations for the actual event. They can even choose their clothing to match the colours used.

Furthermore, people can also use patterns that are representative of the couple at hand. For instance, they may spend a great deal of time rescuing and taking care of cats and so they could have a cat design on their engagement party invitations. Others may really be into sports and so could a football pattern.

Whatever people are in to, it can make the whole experience a lot more fun when they personalize everything. As getting married is all about the love that is shared between two people, it only makes sense that their quirks and likes should be focused upon. This is a sure way to design amazing engagement party invitations.