Whether you run a coffee house by the beach, in the middle of a concrete jungle or in the throes of suburbia, you can rest assured that the perfect café blinds are out there waiting for you.

With a range of indoor and outdoor options to choose from, you’re spoiled for choice! Here are some of your options:


Clear & tinted café blinds: perfect for shops with a view

Clear or tinted café blinds offer superb sights paired with superior protection, making this a great option for coffee houses by the sea, in a park or by a forest. Their benefits include:


Weather defence

Both clear and tinted café blinds are waterproof and wind resistant, which means you can enjoy the scenery even on a gusty day. They also give high levels of UV protection, blocking out harmful sun rays so that you and your customers can enjoy the sunshine without worrying about getting sunburned.


Smooth mechanics

These café blinds feature smooth mechanics that are easy to operate and require minimal maintenance. Whether you want to have them up to let in the fresh air or wind them down when it gets too blowy, you have full control.


Clear views

The material used is of a premium quality offering the highest level of visibility for a crisp, gorgeous view. They use top-grade extruded PVC to ensure that your purchase continues to deliver sharp views for a long time.


Awnings: perfect for shops with outdoor areas

Whether you’re a classy French shop looking for canopy awnings or a busy suburban shop in need of folding arm awnings, the perfect awnings are waiting for you.  Awnings typically suit businesses that have an outdoor area and require sun, rain and bird protection for their customers. Some of the types of awnings you can use include:


Canopy awnings are generally used over doors, windows and walkways to provide sun, rain and bird protection. They come in a range of colours and materials, but their overall style is classic, French and charming. They are made to last, low-maintenance, durable and weather resistant.


Folding arm

These are perfect for places with large outdoor entertaining spaces. They offer a great source of shade as well as rain and bird protection, and can be installed 3.6 metres from the wall without support at a 7 metre width. You can choose if you want them to operate electronically, manually or automatically (based on the weather).


Pivot arm

Pivot arm awnings are great for shops where manual operation is challenging, such as in second storey (or higher) buildings. They offer excellent sun, rain and bird defence and come in a range of colours, styles and fabrics.


Timber Venetian café blinds: perfect for shops with an indoor focus

Made of various kinds of timber, these café blinds offer a warm and modern, yet natural atmosphere. They are typically used indoors to block out sunlight and increase privacy. They suit relaxed coffee houses, especially those in the city or suburbs where the interior, rather than the view, is the focus of attraction.

This option comes in a range of wood tones, including North American Cedar. The wood’s ability to insulate makes this option highly energy efficient; it can also reduce the effect of noise. These are an affordable option which suit an almost unlimited range of décor styles, from the modern to the traditional.



Regardless of the type of coffee establishment you own, there are café blinds out there to suit your needs. Assess your options to determine the most suitable choice.