You’re probably a little confused as to what an arborist actually does. Don’t worry, it is not a widely used term, however, the role an arborist performs is actually quite important should you be looking to change the vegetation on your private land. If you live in the Sydney region, there is a chance you might be in need of a North Shore tree service to assist with the maintenance of your land.  So, let’s check out why you might need assistance from your local North Shore tree service.


What does a team of arborists do?

Firstly, one should clarify what an arborist actually does. In essence, arborists focus on the maintenance of vegetation, trees and foliage. While they are not directly involved in removing vegetation, they are highly qualified in assessing the health and safety of the sapling. Indeed, they provide arborist reports, root investigations, safety audits, surveys and expert witnesses in cases that may focus on approving the removal of vegetation.


The importance of arborist reports

Your North Shore tree service is qualified in the provision of arborist reports. If you are trying to have a sapling removed from your premises, you have to go through your local council to ensure this can be done legally and within local regulations. Your local council will probably ask for a report, so you’ll simply have to seek their advice if you want to take any action.

In essence, the report includes the condition of the vegetation and whether any changes could prove harmful to surrounding foliage. Whether any endangered species are there will also be taken into consideration. The arborist can assess if the sapling is suffering from any defects, diseases or dangerous branches that may be unstable because of disease. These factors will be weighed up in the report, before a final recommendation is made.



You might need a safety audit

If you have just moved house or have relocated your office premises, you might be considering a safety audit on the vegetation on your property. A North Shore tree service can provide such an audit, which involves evaluating the safety and danger of the vegetation and foliage cover. It is important that it passes a ‘duty of care’, meaning it is safe to live or work in that a location. Without these, dangerous collapses could occur.  Be on the lookout for firms that use the industry approved measures like QTRA and TRAQ, as this will ensure that you are protected.


Complex root systems

Another issue you might encounter is the root networks of nearby saplings disrupting your home or infrastructure project. If this is something you are trying to fix on your property, your local North Shore tree service can perform what is known as a root investigation. Essentially, your hired arborists will plan and map the network of sapling roots to determine where building can take place. For example, it might be impacting your ability to refurbish or create a private driveway, in which you’ll definitely need to give your North Shore tree service a call.


You might need an expert witness

Some really complicated matters end up requiring court intervention. In this scenario, you will likely need an expert arborist’s opinion when assessing the value of the sapling and vegetation in question.


You work on a big development site

Finally, if you’re working on a big construction project, you’ll definitely need to be in contact with a local North Shore tree service. This is because you may need a qualified tree survey to be completed so as to ensure that the development is not harming the local environment in an unnecessary way. Your arborist will assess the retention value of the nearby vegetation, while monitoring height, width and other factors.