When we look at a search engine, we don’t necessarily think of search engine optimisation but that is one of the core goals that businesses strive towards to increase traffic and sales.

Google and SEO go hand in hand because without Google there would be no SEO and without SEO your website wouldn’t appear where it does on the search engine results page.

However, there is more than just search engine optimisation in this instance as AdWords is also a big player in the website rankings. So when it comes to Google and SEO, Adwords needs to be considered as well to get the most out of your marketing campaign.

What is the difference between Adwords on Google and SEO?

Adwords is a marketing method where a business pays money to have various keywords and searches ensure that their website appears in the Ads next to the organic searches. This can be effective but doesn’t always work and can be extremely expensive as there is hot competition.

Search engine optimisation is a process of using content on your website, amongst other things, that improves the websites visibility in search engines, making it more prominent in searches. Links are also used to improve the authority of the pages and website in general by helping consumers with detailed information and leading them to other sites that can be beneficial.

Search engine optimisation is a free method of improving visibility on search engines. There are so many different tactics that are employed but from a visible stand point it is improved content including high quality links, both internal and external, along with the use of the relevant keywords to improve a websites search engine rank.

AdWords by Google and SEO

Because AdWords will only show your website in relevant searches and the competition is very high, you need to ensure that your website has quality search engine optimisation practices in action as well.

This means employing a dedicated team to your search engine optimisation as well as paid search engine advertising in order to get the most out of both practices and a greater return on investment. The best part about Google and SEO is that through Google you are able to get reports on how certain keywords are performing, who is visiting your site at what times, where from and on what device all of which can help to tailor your marketing methods.

Google and SEO should be used to work in tandem with each other not as separate entities as optimisation requires constant analysis and the search engine provides reports for you as mentioned above.

The impact of Google and SEO

The success of any websites search engine optimisation is heavily dependent on the search engine. This is because the search engine sets the algorithm that determines what websites show for what search. Keywords and the websites content are crucial but there are so many other factors involved like the page load speed, ease of navigation, links, bounce rate and general useability that will influence how well a website or page ranks on the search engine results page.

As a result of this, Google and SEO need to be worked with together in order to achieve the best results. In a rapidly changing digital landscape, and the algorithm changes with it, it is so important to remain on top of advances and developments in all digital aspects of business.

This is why working on paid ads from Google and SEO on a regular basis is so important and key to the success of marketing campaigns. Innovation, creativity and new methods always need to be found to stay ahead of competitors and get the most out of the marketing dollars spent.