#1 Vaping allows you to control your nicotine intake

When we say ‘vapours’, in the context of vaping, we refer to e-liquid which heats up in the e-cigarette and turns into vapours. Where on the one hand there are some electronic cigarettes online with 0% nicotine, on the other, some can go up to contain as high as 3.6% nicotine. In between these two extremes, there is a whole lot of variation in the nicotine content for your shopping basket. So, no matter what strength of nicotine you want or in case, none at all, there is an e-liquid for you. Want to know the nicotine strength of an e-liquid before buying? See the label.


#2 You can moderate the vapour intake

When compared with smoking, vaping can give you a big relief on this count. Smoking a traditional cig can expose your body to harmful chemicals. You can’t filter these chemicals at your will. But with vaping, you can exercise better control on what goes inside your body. E-liquid is generally comprised of four ingredients: Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG), Nicotine and Food-Grade Flavoring. Knowing about these ingredients and the quantity you inhale, you will know where you stand.

a man vaping


#3 You can vape without the guilt or worry of smelling awful or offensive.

Smoking is often accompanied with a waft of awful smell that surrounds the smoker and hijacks his or her breath for worse. This is the biggest complaint of most of the smokers as well as people who have to share the same space with them. Vaping is a better alternative to smoking if seen from this perspective. While it is also not to advocate using e-cigarettes anywhere you like in public, it can be still enjoyed in the environs of your home or car without any guilt or worry of smelling awful or offensive.


#4 Vaping can be a prudent choice in the long run.

Believe it or not, vaping is effectively more economical than smoking cigarettes daily. For heavy smokers, smoking can be a costlier affair in the long run, especially when they have to dig deep into their pockets every now and then to get a cig arranged. But with vaping, all you need to do is invest in the e-cigarette kit one off. You can work out the price for yourself and compare to have a better view of the cost difference.



#5 You can pick any flavour of your choice.

The best thing about vaping is the fact that the market is awash with a variety of e-liquid flavours. From traditional tastes to modern spicy mixes, you can pick any as per your mood or preference. The most popular vaping flavours are mint, tobacco, vanilla and peach schnapps among others. And if you pick more than one or switch to other flavours, make sure you get your e-cigarette’s clearomizer thoroughly cleaned to avoid flavour ghosting.