Public relations are a discipline of business outreach that deals with how a brand is perceived by the buying public and its various other stakeholders such as the government, partnered brands, industry publications and opinion leaders. Naturally, public relations work becomes essential for brands that reach a certain size and begin to develop their own corporate personality and identity.

Essentially, when a brand suddenly develops its own conglomerate identity, some form of public relations work is born out of necessity. If your organisation is based in metropolitan New South Wales, it makes sense that you would look at hiring one of the experienced and effective PR agencies in Sydney, The Ideas Suite.

However, if you have never engaged these types of consultants before then it’s helpful to be aware of some advice you can use to gauge their suitability for your brand. This will help protect your from giving your money to practitioners who are unlikely to be of much help to your brand and its bottom line.

So, what should you know before hiring PR agencies in Sydney? Take a look at the following information to see exactly what essential tips you need to know are!


Do they have experience and expertise in your industry area?

First and foremost, you want to only hire the PR agencies in Sydney that actually have proven experience in promoting brands in the same or similar industry to your own. For example, engaging a firm that specialized in automobile industries isn’t going to be very helpful to you if your brand is based in gardening products.

Choosing a firm that has experience in your industry is essential since their pre-existing contacts in the form of journalists, editors, influencers etc are already going to be available from day one. This means your public relations campaign can really hit the ground running and not waste valuable time building a rapport from scratch.

This also means the PR agencies in Sydney that you engage should also have case studies to show you of how they achieved success for brands similar to your own. They should express clear confidence in knowing what it takes to transform your brand’s outward image to that the rest of your business can benefit.


How are they planning to measure results for you and determine success?

Its really important that when you’re choosing between the various PR agencies in Sydney that you make sure to identify how each consultancy plans to measure your results and report them to you. Engaging consultants like this can be notoriously tricky because of the fear that they will misinform you about the success of your campaign by exploiting your ignorance about the connection between their work and your bottom line.

If you aren’t able to establish early on how you’re going to know you’re getting a ROI (return on investment), then it invites a whole range of issues later on. Many lawsuits and vitriol have come out of partnerships with consultancies that weren’t clear about how success was going to be identified and rewarded.


How will they work with your in-house team?

Obviously, there needs to be some collaboration between your team and whichever of the PR agencies in Sydney you choose to solicit. It’s essential that they are clear in explaining to your who your contacts are at their firm and how they can best be reached.